THE TIGER - Sohma Kisa

Kisa is one of the youngest of the zodiac members and is possessed with the spirit of the tiger. She spent her early years being bullied by her classmates and as a result, became very depressed and was unable to talk. When she met Tohru, she was able to start opening up a little. She's a shy, sweet young girl and as Hiro's love interest, is usually the only one that can calm Hiro down.

Throughout the series, Kyo and Kisa rarely seem to interact. When she first appears to Tohru and spends the night, she ends up picking her favourite food for dinner: niratama (a leek and egg dish). Kyo grits his teeth in annoyance but doesn't really protest for Kisa's sake.

Later, when Kisa next comes over to visit, Kyo calls her a brat and is chastised by Yuki for being insensitive. Kyo says he doesn't care if Kisa is scared. Kisa looks a little saddened by this but she's seen smiling when Kyo is being teased by Shigure for flirting with Tohru.

Most of their interactions seem to be around Tohru and we don't really see them talk to each other much until the very end of the series when Kyo has just come from his biological father's house. Kyo is throwing up from the tension when Kisa and Hiro walk by. Kisa seems concerned for Kyo and offers him a handkerchief. When Kyo looks at her, he sees Tohru and feels that the two are much alike. He thanks her and she offers to help him clean up his sick. Kyo's taken a back (probably grossed out) and says he'll do it himself but Kisa and Hiro go off to borrow cleaning supplies regardless.

They meet once again at the final banquet but we don't see them interacting during the brief time they're there.


It's hard to really make an opinion of Kyo and Kisa's relationship when we see so little of them. I think that despite Kyo acting a little insensitive towards Kisa at times, his rude behaviour is no different than how he would treat any other child. I think they generally get along well together.

I guess since Kisa loves to stay close to Tohru, she probably does interact with Kyo a lot more than we get to see, especially after the series is over. I can just picture an older Kisa babysitting their children. <3