CREDITS - List of Resources

I've thankfully been able to access several resources in order to create Baroque Orange. This page lists these credits with, of course, my thanks.

☆ Nearly all full colour manga and anime scans were taken from either Minitokyo or Zerochan.

☆ Some full colour scans were found online over ten years ago and I've had them on my hard drive since the site was first created. Original sources are no longer online but include Anime Project Alliance Gallery, Dai Bouken's Fruits Basket Site, Luna Regina, and Suspicious Acorns.

☆ Black and white manga images seen throughout the site are taken from free use, full page manga raws obtained online, cropped and cleaned up entirely by myself.

☆ Fonts are obtained through Google Fonts.

Even though I don't quite remember everyone who encouraged me to bring back this site when it initially went down for a period of time in the early 2000's, I would like to continue to thank them here for their motivation and encouragement. Your excitement in hearing that I was bringing the site back, as well as your constant request to see it return online were what truly motivated me and I haven't forgotten it, even 10+ years later. :)