AUDIO - Music & Sound

In this section, you can download a few MP3s that are related to Kyo and download a "flashcard" that FUNimation posted online when they first began dubbing Fruits Basket.


The music featured in the Fruits Basket anime is typically slow and bittersweet but there are a number of upbeat songs that play in the background. Although there aren't any songs performed by Kyo's voice actor, there are two instrumental pieces that directly relate to Kyo that you can find below.

I'm [Drummer]
Album: Fruits Basket Original Soundtrack
Track: 06
Time: 1:22
Size: 1.8mb
Summary: An upbeat track featuring mostly drums that reflects Kyo's personality rather well. Typically plays during Kyo's scenes.

On The Stage
Album: Fruits Basket Original Soundtrack
Track: 08
Time: 1:54
Size: 2.5mb
Summary: A rock-n-roll track that plays when Kyo starts to get angry.


FUNimation is the company that licensed Fruits Basket in North America. When they first began dubbing the series into English, they created a lot of media online to promote the series. One such form of media was a series of "flashcards" that featured a picture of the character, a short description and a sample of dubbed dialogue.

You can download Kyo's flashcard to hear some of his dubbed dialogue below for either Windows or Mac. Your browser may try to say that this is unsafe but I assure you there's nothing dangerous inside them. :)