Updates - What's New

This is the section to be in if you want to know what the latest updates to Baroque Orange are! All major updates will be announced here as they come, posted with the newest at the top of the page.

April 20, 2016

Not much of an update, but I've just added links to my brand new Sohma Isuzu shrine, Libertatem. This is what's been taking up the last month of my time. :)

March 25, 2016

Added several new links to brand new Fruits Basket sites and a new affiliate section. Please check these sites out, they're really well done. <3

March 20, 2016

It's been 12 years since I last updated Baroque Orange, although I've wanted to come back and update the site after the series ended in 2006 but I couldn't find the time. Thankfully, I was able to get around to it as part of Genrou.com's update project. ^_^ It took me about a month of hard work but I'm happy to finally present it to everyone!

First of all, there's a brand new layout that's suited to larger resolutions. The previous one might have been okay in 2004 but it certainly didn't age well. I could barely read the content, the font size was so small! XD So hopefully everyone enjoys the new look along with the easier navigation.

Second, the content of the site has not only been re-written but greatly expanded upon. The content on the old version of this site didn't include the last two years worth of story so there were quite a few things missing or perhaps incorrect. ^^ That's been fixed, though!

Lastly, there are about three pages that aren't accompanied by illustrations; these will be updated soon. There are also several pages that I planned on adding but haven't yet; these will hopefully be added soon as well. After spending at least a month working on the site redesign, I felt it was worth holding back on those sections in favour of actually getting the site open to public. :) Maybe I will eventually get around to adding brand new wallpapers and stuff too!

Hopefully everyone enjoys the new look and the new content! <3

June 10, 2004

Well, I'm sure many of you have been wondering what ever happened to Baroque Orange... and the answer is that Furuba.org kind of just... closed one day, and a lot of files were lost for this site. So it's taken a long time before I was able to gather up the right amount of determination and willpower to get everything back together again. Nevertheless, I hope the wait was worth it to those of you who visited the site regularly. ^^ I hope you're all happy to see the site is alive and well here at Genrou.com.

A few updates have been done to the site, as one might have guessed... for starters, there are newdesktop wallpapers, icons and avatars since the old ones were lost. New details on Kyo's relationship with Tohru has been added to the love life section. There's also a slew of new images in the image gallery, although the screenshot gallery has been taken down for the time being. The linkage section has also been updated with new links (old ones being removed) and a new link button or two for the site.

I do plan on adding a few new sections to the site sometime soon, but I wanted to get the site back to its original state before worrying about any new additions. ^^

April 29, 2003

I spent some time today to make some new images for the icons/avatars section. There are two new AIM icons, two new forum avatars and a new LJ picture, replacing the one that used to be there because I thought it looked ugly. XD Enjoy!

April 24, 2003

Happy Birthday to me... o/~ Today's my birthday but I still managed to find time to do some updates. ^^ I'm currently going through all of the sections on this site, replacing my e-mail address with a link to the brand new contact section. This is being done to prevent spam bots from getting ahold of my e-mail address and sending me bizzare porn spam. I'm also going around and adding "back" links to all of the sections on the site.

Aside from the contact page, there is another new section to the site: the family section, where you can learn about Kyo's immidiate family! It doesn't include the entire Souma family, just his mother, father and Kazuma. I also decided to update the links to each section, giving them a bit better descriptions. ^_^ More updates will be coming soon, hopefully!

April 20, 2003

As promised earlier on in the day, there are some new updates. I re-wrote the section about Kyo and Kagura's relationship in the love life section, changing some information that I gathered from recent chapters in Furuba, featured in the eleventh volume of the manga. I plan on rewriting the other parts of this section with more detail. I've also fixed up the linkage section, removing some old, broken links, adding many new ones. I made a new button to match the layout as well. :D

There's also a brand new wallpaper in the wallpaper section, featuring Kyo and Yuki.

April 20, 2003

Happy Easter, everyone! ^^ This is the second update I've made on a national holiday... o_O No, there's no coincidence. ^^; I just got sucked back into the wonderful world that is Furuba. *_* I've been meaning to do updates to the site a lot sooner than this (a month or two ago to be exact) but I was busy with other projects and I haven't been able to get around to it until now. But anyhow! Enough of my babble... onto the updates!

As you all can tell, there's a brand new layout up! I was getting kind of sick and tired of the old one and thought it was about time to create something new and less orange. I hope you all enjoy it. ^^ I also joined the About A Boy webring. It's 3:00am right now so I'm going to be heading to bed soon... but expect some new stuff up later on in the day, like an updated links list, new information, etc. I have lots of updates planned for the site so please stay tuned! :3

November 1, 2002

Happy belated Halloween, everyone! I hope you had fun! XD There isn't much of an update here... but Linda from Onigiri linked to Baroque Orange and mentioned that the layout was being a bit weird in Netscape... so I think I fixed what was wrong with it. (The image map wasn't working.) I use Netscape 4.7 and it works fine for me now. ^_^ By the way, thanks for linking to me, Linda-san! ^o^

October 28, 2002

There are some new images featured in the gallery. Because all but one of these pictures came from the Anime Project Alliance Image Gallery, an additional credit has been added to the credit section.

October 26, 2002

I got bored so I thought that I'd make another wallpaper to flesh out the wallpaper section a bit more. I really don't like using other people's wallpapers... I like to make them myself, so that's why the section is kind of small. ^^; It'll get bigger in the future. I hope you all like the new addition. :D

Later... I updated the linkage section. I added some information regarding Furuba.org and Baroque Orange's relation to the domain. I just want to make clear to people that Baroque Orange is the only site on Furuba.org that I own. I hate to be given credit where it's not due... especially when others have worked so hard. ^_^

October 25, 2002

Just a small update right now, but I added some information on Jerry Jewel, the guy who does the voice for Kyo in the Fruits Basket dub. I have next to nothing in terms of information on him, so if you can help me out, please e-mail me.

October 24, 2002

I managed to get my hands on the flashcards from FUNimation and decided to add Kyo's flashcard to the site. The voice is really... uh.. wrong for Kyo but I suppose it could be worse. ^_^;; Download the flashcard and see for yourself!

Later... I added some stuff to the linkage section... mainly two links that are Furuba.org related since this site is a part of that domain. I also joined a web ring to maybe help promote this site. :D

October 21, 2002

After putting up the quotes gallery and working on a few things that needed fixing, I can finally call Baroque Orange complete! Of course there's still things that can be added to the site but those can always come at a later date. But as for now, I can finally show off the site. ^_^ October 21, 2002 marks Baroque Orange's grand opening!