SEIYUU - Kyo's Voice Actors

This section covers information regarding Kyo's Japanese and English language voice actors, as well as my opinion on their performance as our beloved Kyo. While I recognize there are other languages that Fruits Basket has been dubbed into, I'm not familiar with those and cannot give any opinion. So Japanese and English is it, for now. :)

Seki Tomokazu

Seki Tomokazu is an extremely popular seiyuu in Japan, having done many roles in well-known series. His popularity is pretty high in North America as well, as many of his roles are from series that are well-known and adored among English anime fans too. Not only is he a talented voice actor, but he's a fairly good singer as well!

As for his role as Kyo, he does an excellent job, as to be expected! He manages to sound young enough to be Kyo, despite him being much older than the character. He also does an excellent performance as Kyo too -- he manages to pull off Kyo's temper as well as his softer side that's seen less often. If it wasn't for Tomokazu, Kyo certainly wouldn't be the character that he is today. Tomokazu really brings the character to life!

Angelic Layer - Megumi Ougata
Ayashi no Ceres - Alexander Howell
Bleach - Shinobu Eishima, Masayoshi
Cardcaptor Sakura - Kinomoto Touya
Chobits - Hiromu Shinbo
Fairy Tail - Lucky
Fate/stay night - Gilgamesh
Full Metal Panic! - Sagara Sousuke
Fushigi Yuugi - Chichiri, Kouji
Naruto - Sagi
One Piece - Rob Lucci, Hattori
Persona - Tatsumi Kanji
Shin Seiki Evangelion - Suzuhara Touji
Star Ocean EX - Ashton Anchors
Sword Art Online - Kibao
Tekken - Yoshimitsu
Tenkuu no Escaflowne - Van Fanel
Tenjou Tenge - Masataka Takayanagi

Jerry Jewell

The role of Kyo was one of Jerry Jewell's earliest lead roles in anime. He wasn't too well known at the time but his popularity has increased significantly since 2002 when FUNimation released their dub of Fruits Basket. Since then, Mr. Jewell has done several other roles, mostly for FUNimation, and has since become a full-time ADR Director for the company as of 2013.

While I generally really like FUNimation dubs these days, I was not a fan of the Fruits Basket dub at all and although I felt that he was one of the best voice actors for the dub, I didn't really like his performance for Kyo. Everything in the dub felt very forced, acting-wise. That being said, I actually really like him in his later roles and he's quite a good singer! He did the dub version of We Are!, the original opening song for One Piece and it's pretty good! <3

Attack on Titan - Moblit Berner
Baccano! - Claire Stanfield
D.Gray-man - Goz, Klack
Dragon Ball - Nam, Sky Dragon
Fairy Tail - Lyon Vastia
Fullmetal Alchemist - Barry the Chopper
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Russia
One Piece - Merry, Minchy, Hildon
Ouran High School Host Club - Arai
Rebuild of Evangelion - Nagisa Kaworu
Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle - Arisugawa Sorata