SOHMA KYO - Basic Info

Name: Sohma Kyo
Nicknames: Kyon, Kyonkichi, Kyonkyon
Birthday: January 15, 1982*
Age: 16 (At start of series)
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'7" (171.3cm)
Weight: 123.5lbs (56kg)
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Zodiac Curse: Cat

Kyo makes his first appearance at the end of chapter one, bursting through the roof of what was now Tohru's new bedroom, in order to challenge Yuki to a fight. Long story short: he ends up destroying part of Tohru's room, injures her and reveals the Sohma family curse to her. Quite an entrance!!

Personality-wise, Kyo is stubborn, rude, moody and quick to anger. He seems to take offense to just about anything which makes him a favourite target for other people to tease. People rarely take his abrasive reactions seriously and he's a fairly popular guy at school. Even most of the other cursed members in the Sohma family generally like him, despite being cursed by the cat. Despite his rough attitude, he's actually quite caring and sweet.

After moving into Shigure's house and becoming housemates with Yuki and Tohru, Kyo is enrolled into their high school. Living with Tohru ends up calming Kyo down considerably and he begins to open up to the people around him a bit more. Living with Yuki isn't as easy, but thankfully Tohru's influence eventually makes Kyo better able to control his temper when it comes to his bitter rival.

Fruits Basket was published between 1998 and 2006. We know Kyo is 16 when he first appears so if we assume that the story initially takes place in 1998, this would mean that Kyo was born in 1982. If his birthday actually is January 15 (I can't find any confirmation about this but he is a Capricorn), then he would actually be born in the year of the rooster, since the year of the dog wouldn't have started until January 25, 1982.

*Height, weight, blood type and astrological sign are taken from the Fruits Basket Character Book.