TIMELINE - Events of Kyo's Life

All of the details we know about Kyo's life are told to us randomly through the manga... Most of the really juicy stuff -- like his relationship with Tohru's mother -- aren't revealed until much further into the story. This is an attempt to present all of the major events in Kyo's life in a chronological order, as opposed to the random order that they are presented to us.

I feel confident that this list is presented in the best chronological order as possible, organized into three major sections: child, teenager and adult. The childhood timeline is where there may be some errors since it's impossible to know specifics without further details (ie: did Kagura threaten Kyo to marry her before or after Kyo met Kyoko?) but I've done my best to put them in the order that best makes sense to me. :)

As with elsewhere on this site, this section contains massive spoilers for both Fruits Basket and Fruits Basket another. I feel that this section is especially deserving of a spoilers warning, so please beware!

Child Timeline

★ Kyo is born! He is discovered to be possessed by the spirit of the cat.
★ Akito sees Kyo's true form for the first time; is disgusted.
★ Meets Kagura and the two become playmates.
★ Kagura accidentally discovers Kyo's true form and runs away screaming. Kyo's no longer allowed outside.
★ Kyo's mother commits suicide.
★ Attends the funeral for his mother; fights with his father and is taken in by Kazuma.
★ Begins training at Kazuma's dojo.
★ New Year's banquet: Kyo is left outside. Approached by timid Yuki who tries to introduce himself. Kyo tells Yuki that he hates him and it's his fault for his troubles.
★ Kazuma buys Kyo a blue hat.
★ Doesn't feel like he could go home straight away after school so loiters in a park. Meets Kyoko on one of these days.
★ Kagura threatens Kyo at knife-point to marry her when they get older. xD
★ Loses the hat that Kazuma bought him; Yuki tries to return it but Kyo doesn't want it after Yuki's handled it.
★ Kyoko tells Kyo about her daughter and shows him a photo.
★ Tries to come visit so he can meet Kyoko's daughter but she is missing. Kyo promises Kyoko that he will definitely find her and protect her.
★ Searches but is unable to find Kyoko's daughter; returns to find that she was returned home by Yuki (recognizes the hat in Kyoko's hand).
★ Stops seeing Kyoko after arguing about Yuki. Kyoko tells not to forget his promise.

Teenager Timeline

★ Meets Kyoko on the street; he is unable to stop her from being hit by a car in fear of exposing the curse.
★ Chronically depressed by Kyoko's death. Kazuma takes Kyo on a four-month training trip in the mountains.
★ Upon return from training trip, Kyo is repremanded by Akito for disappearing.
★ Aktio makes a deal with Kyo; if he can win vs Yuki, he will become one of the official zodiac members. If not, he will be imprisoned for life.
★ Kyo immediately goes to look for Yuki at Shigure's house; meets Tohru, Kyoko's daughter.
★ Shigure enrolls Kyo into Kaibara Public High School. Kyo moves into Shigure's home.
★ Comes to better terms with Tohru.
★ When Tohru is sick, Kyo actually makes her a leek-based dish to help her get better.
★ Kazuma returns from a trip and exposes Tohru to Kyo's true form. Tohru accepts him.
★ The Sohmas and Tohru go to the Sohma's seaside villa for summer holiday.
★ Tells Kagura that he cannot return her feelings.
★ Tells Tohru about knowing Kyoko and feeling responsible for her death. Tohru confesses her feelings to him. Kyo tells her that she is delusional because he still fears being confined after graduation.
★ Confesses his feelings to Tohru.
★ Confronts his father and tells him that he will not be confined and will continue to live outside.
★ The room of the cat is torn down on Akito's orders.
★ Released from the curse and is no longer possessed by the cat.
★ Attends the final banquet with Akito and the other twelve zodiac members.
★ High school graduation: Kyo graduates with Tohru and Yuki.
★ Tohru and Kyo clean up Shigure's place before leaving it for good.
★ Yuki and Kyo share a brief goodbye, finally getting along.

Adult Timeline

★ Moves away with Tohru to work at a dojo in preparation for taking over after Kazuma when he retires.
★ Marries Tohru.
★ Has a son with Tohru: Sohma Hajime.
★ A teenage Hajime enrols in Kaibara Public High School, just like his parents.
★ Hajime gets married; Kyo and Tohru gain a daughter-in-law.
★ Hajime and his wife have a daughter; Kyo and Tohru become grandparents.