FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of question and answers regarding myself, this site and its content. If your question is not listed here, please consider contacting me directly.

May I use your site layout(s) for my own purposes?
No. Under no circumstances may you replicate the design and layout of this site.

May I use the images found in your galleries?
Yes. All of the images in my galleries can be considered free for your own use, be it in designs or for your own galleries. The majority of the images were originally free use. What's the point in having them here if people can't even use them? ♥

What do you consider to be canon material?
Regarding Fruits Basket, what I consider to be canon is anything that has been written by Takaya Natsuki herself. This includes all 23 volumes of the original manga, the Fruits Basket another sequel, any Fruits Basket fan books and character books, and any posts made by Takaya-san herself on or offline regarding the series and/or characters.

I do not consider the anime or the drama CDs to be canon in this respect. They are separate from the original source materials and I treat them as such.

What are your long term plans for this site?
Currently, I do have other materials that I plan on adding to this site at a future date. I cannot guarantee frequent updates for this site because real life often prevents me from focusing on this kind of work but if new information is released, I will try to incorporate it into what's already here. As for the aforementioned materials, they will be added when I have time.

Do you plan on shutting this site down eventually?
No, I have no plans on shutting this site down and taking it offline. While I periodically re-write content or create new layouts for the site, once I publish a site, it stays online for good.

Can we exchange links?
Certainly, provided your site is strictly related to Fruits Basket and does not feature any hateful content. I do not typically link to fanlistings unless they relate specifically to Kyo in some way but I will link to fanlistings that are also full shrines. Please send me an e-mail and I'll take a look, but also remember that whatever I decide to link to up to my discretion.